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Updates, Invites, and Opportunities

As we make our way toward Fall Break, I wanted to bring a few reminders, invitations, recognitions, and events to your inbox this morning.

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Congratulations Annual Staff Awards Recipients!

It was such a treat to get to see so many of you earlier this week, as we celebrated your collective good work at the Second Annual Student Affairs Staff Awards on Oct. 25. It was a time to rejoice in our shared humanity, have some fun, and recognize one another – which made for a particularly uplifting convening – as did the cheers, applause and celebratory hoots shared when our colleagues (most of whom were not aware that they had been selected to receive an award this year) took the stage or Zoom screen to be honored.

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Fall Quarter 2022 Welcome

The energy on Library Walk, in Town Square, and throughout campus over the last few weeks has been incredible. Watching our students welcome one another, share resources, explore our beautiful campus with loved ones, and make new friends through TWOW events and various activities is yet another affirmation of the importance of our work together. To all of you who have collaborated to develop and deliver welcoming and inclusive TWOW programming: THANK YOU!

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Addressing Anti-Blackness and Advancing Anti-Racism: Annual Accountability Report-Out

As some of you will recall, in the summer of 2020 – after the murder of George Floyd and the global protests that emerged in response – the Division of Student Affairs began to evaluate the degree to which our work could more immediately address our own anti-Black, racist practices and policies from a place of humility and action. As a result, each unit outlined a series of initial Commitments to Address anti-Blackness in our work at UC San Diego.

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