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Staff Awards

2022 Student Affairs Staff Awards

The annual Student Affairs Staff Awards at UC San Diego are designed to encourage Student Affairs team members to showcase their work, celebrate each other, and recognize the creativity and student-centered innovation that consistently emanates from our division.

Winners are announced each year at the Student Affairs Fall All-Staff meeting in October.

Student Affairs Staff Awards Categories

As with all of our work in Student Affairs, the Staff Awards are based on the pillars of the VCSA Strategic Plan, EDI Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence, and the EVC Collective Impact Initiatives.

Goal 1: Student Experience "Student First Award 2022"

Generated a student-centered transformation to maximize our vibrant and engaging community through partnerships with the colleges and Graduate Division.

Goal 2: Student Success “Student Advocate Award 2022”

Inspired students to discover meaningful connections, explore their interests, and participate in co-curricular experiences while pursuing their degrees in a timely manner.

Goal 3: Well Being “Triton Health Award 2022”

Cultivated an environment of well-being that empowers our campus community to establish and sustain healthy practices.

Goal 4: Inclusion and Equity “Equity Matters Award 2022”

Advanced an inclusive culture and equitable practices and outcomes.

Goal 5: Community Partnership “Team Player Award 2022”

Developed, engaged, and sustained purposeful and meaningful partnerships that reimagine student centeredness.

Special Category: Collective Impact “Erasing the Opportunity Gap 2022”

An initiative that leveraged and enhanced the disparate mentoring, training, and support systems at UC San Diego that have jointly improved the experience, climate, and performance for all of our students, staff, and faculty.

Winners of this year’s awards will be announced at our Student Affairs Fall All-Staff meeting on October 25, 2022, and will receive a special shout-out from the Student Affairs Leadership Team, a celebration lunch with VC Satterlund, and a special token of appreciation.


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Staff Awards History

At the recommendation of Vice Chancellor Alysson Satterlund, the annual Student Affairs Staff Awards program was initially conceptualized during the 2020-21 academic year in order to acknowledge the exceptional work of our team members in response to challenges posed by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Student Affairs Staff Awards recipients and presenters at the inaugural awards ceremony on November 3, 2021.



2021 Student Affairs Staff Awards

Goal 1: Student Experience "Student First Award 2021"

  • University Centers (Operations, Custodial, Maintenance), Student Life
  • University Events Office, Student Life

Goal 2: Student Success "Student Advocate Award 2021"

  • Grace Fuller, International Students & Programs Office
  • Transfer Peer Coaches, Student Retention & Success

Goal 3: Well-Being "Triton Health Award 2021"

  • Vaccine Site Team, Recreation
  • Ana Bowens, Case Management Services

Goal 4: Inclusion and Equity "Equity Matters Award 2021"

  • CASP Team, Student Retention & Success
  • James Galvin, Study Abroad

Goal 5: Community Partnership "Team Player Award 2021"

  • Ruth Newmark, Friends of the International Center
  • Student Conduct Office

Special Category: Collective Impact Award "Erasing the Opportunity Gap 2021"

  • Students with Dependents Team, Case Management Services
  • Summer Bridge Team, Student Retention & Success

If you have questions about the Student Affairs Staff Awards or are interested in joining the Professional Development Committee, please email Kirby Knipp.