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Student Affairs Strategic Plan (2019-2024)

As Student Affairs began to kick off our Strategic Plan implementation in early 2020, UC San Diego faced many new challenges that the Strategic Planning Committee wanted to address. Throughout the spring many leaders within VCSA gathered to readjust our plan to address our new virtual environment, addressing racism and anti-blackness, and the health and safety of the Triton community.

The strategic plan leaders and partners made it a priority to listen to concerns and suggestions to ensure our plan reflects the UC San Diego community.

VCSA Strategic Plan

VCSA Strategic Plan Summary


Goal 1: Student Experience

Provide a student experience that prepares all students to address the needs and challenges of a diverse and changing world.

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Goal 2: Student Success

Leverage innovation, global interactions, Changemaking, and technology to advance student learning beyond the classroom.

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Goal 3: Well-Being

Reimagine programs and practices to encourage students and staff to live more balanced, active lives.

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Goal 4: Inclusion & Equity

Review existing programs and policies to inform the development and enhancements of new and current initiatives that advance inclusion for underserved student populations inside and outside the classroom.

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Goal 5: Partnership & Community

Identify and engage campus partners, students, and faculty to collaborate on student-centered initiatives.

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Strategic Planning Process

Update as of 10/16/19

Under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Alysson Satterlund, a collaborative process for developing a five-year strategic plan began in winter 2019 with a steering committee representative of the division and colleges.

Utilizing outside consultants Keeling & Associates and the Office of Operational and Strategic Initiatives at UC San Diego, 11 focus groups and listening sessions were held with over 100 constituents including students, faculty, and staff. In addition, feedback and discussions with Chancellor’s Cabinet, Executive Vice Chancellor’s Cabinet, Student Affairs Unit Heads, Council of Deans of Student Affairs, Council of Provosts, Directors of Resident Life, Housing, Dining, & Hospitality, Teaching + Learning Commons, Associated Students, and the Graduate Student Association were held to ensure a collaborative process and to invite participation and support in implementation.

At the 2019 Spring All Staff Student Affairs bi-annual meeting, over 300 Student Affairs staff participated in a data-gathering exercise wherein they identified the strengths of the campus in serving students and what is needed to improve our efforts. Three separate retreats facilitated by Keeling & Associates with the Strategic Plan Steering Committee and the VCSA Leadership Team were convened to analyze feedback from the sessions to develop the goals and objectives of the plan. The Steering Committee worked through the summer to finalize the current plan.

Beginning in fall 2019, Student Affairs will set the priority for accomplishing the goals.  Implementation teams consisting of staff within the division and colleges, along with campus stakeholders and partners, will create actions designed to achieve each objective.  As each activity is set, an assessment plan will accompany it. This process will continue until 2024-2025 with the plan continually being reviewed for progress. Prioritization will be set by years 1-2, 3-4, and 5+. 

We want to thank all of those who participated and invite comments and feedback at

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