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Professional Development Day: Moving Forward Together

Our focus for the 2021 conference, and for 2022, is moving forward together. There have been many lessons learned in the past 20+ months. How can we apply these to our work? How can we remain resilient? What does professional development look like in 2021/2022? Through curated sessions, interactive guest speakers and an optional in-person networking event, we aim to answer these questions. Review them below!

Meet our Keynote: Dr. Lorri Sulpizio

The Professional Development Committee is honored to have Dr. Lorri Sulpizio kick off the day! Dr. Sulpizio joined Student Affairs to recognize and acknowledge the lessons that we've learned, reconnect to what's most important, and find creative ways to take care of ourselves and the people we love. Dr. Lorri Sulpizio focused on connecting to your deeper self and gaining perspective on how to effectively move forward.

Watch the Keynote

Revisit the 2021 Workshops

Missed out on a session or want to re-watch one that really stuck with you?

View our recorded sessions to help further your professional development: