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Student Affairs Learning and Professional Development

Learning and professional development within Student Affairs includes employee onboarding protocols, professional and career development training, career advancement opportunities, performance management solutions, organizational/workplace culture development, and employee recognition programs. Each learning and professional development component seeks to develop and advance one or more of our core values.

Purpose and Expectations:

At every level of learning and professional development engagement, staff are expected to develop competencies that adhere to our core values and align with the UC Core Competencies.

Learning and professional development opportunities equip our talented staff with the knowledge, tools and resources to perform assigned job responsibilities successfully and in support of the division's mission to serve students.

The Student Affairs professional development framework serves as the foundational tool for learning, improvement, and professional growth at the unit and division level. Individual development plans (IDP) are jointly created by the employee and supervisor based on the needs of the individual and the department. An IDP must be in alignment with the employee's position (job card), unless determined otherwise by the supervisor and/or unit leader.

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