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Student Affairs Impact Report

The annual Impact Report is a collection of submissions, accolades, achievements and recognitions that highlight the work of UC San Diego's Division of Student Affairs.

Published annually in September, each edition celebrates accomplishments from the prior academic year – with submissions accepted on an ongoing basis.

On this site, you'll be able to view the current edition and learn more about the Impact Report's planning process, partners, and publication timeline.

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View the 2021-2022 report (PDF)

A Message from VC Satterlund

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

satterlund-IR-profile.jpgI am always proud to share the Student Affairs Impact Report, because it showcases the creative, equity-driven work of the talented and dedicated Student Affairs professionals and paraprofessionals at UC San Diego.

This 2021-2022 annual Impact Report highlights our efforts and accomplishments in support of the Student Affairs 2019-2024 Strategic Plan priorities and goals, as well as our commitment to the EDI Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence and to university-wide strategic goals – specifically surrounding the advancement of UC San Diego as a student-centered community.

Defining Student Centeredness

In 2021 – after nearly two years of discussions, focus groups, and feedback sessions – a definition of student centeredness at UC San Diego was developed, reflective of our community’s efforts to articulate what it truly means to be “student centered.”

“UC San Diego is committed to being a student-centered research university by putting all students first; inviting and respecting their voices and existing strengths; and honoring the intersectional identities of our Triton community. As a campus, we hold ourselves and each other accountable to transformative action that ensures equity, inclusion, and success across all aspects of the student experience at UC San Diego.”

Recognizing and celebrating acts of student-centeredness – both big and small – contributes to the creation and sustainability of a welcoming, inclusive, student-centered university community.

Toward this goal, Student Affairs would like to support our community in celebrating the many ways in which faculty, staff and students demonstrate student centeredness at UC San Diego. I encourage you to visit our Student Centeredness website, where you can nominate someone in recognition of their student-centeredness, and learn more about the history of developing the definition above.

On pages 24-25 of this report, you’ll also find a recap of our Student Affairs teams and individuals who were recognized for making a positive difference in the lives of our students and colleagues through our inaugural Student Affairs Staff Awards celebration, and via their professional accomplishments on pages 26-27.

Collective Impact

Many of the accomplishments in this report are indicative of a “Collective Impact” framework — wherein units come together in support of a shared agenda. Student Affairs is proud of our deep partnerships with committed colleagues and stakeholders, and entries throughout this report that are emblematic of our Collective Impact will be denoted by this collective-impact-icon.pngicon.

One challenge of preparing this annual report is that not every impactful program or team member contribution can be included. So, please do consider this 2021-2022 Student Affairs Impact Report to be an invitation to learn more about our collective work to be student centered, and to become one our dedicated partners in student centeredness at UC San Diego.

Go Tritons!

Alysson M. Satterlund, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Previous Editions

Production Timeline

The Impact Report is published annually in September, recognizing accomplishments and accolades from the prior academic year (Sept. through June).

Submissions for the upcoming edition are accepted throughout the year, until the June deadline. Recognition for summer accolades (July - August) may be included on a case-by-case basis.

Important Dates

OCT - MAY: Ongoing submissions accepted
JUNE: Deadline to submit content
JULY - AUG: Final edits and layout
SEPT: Publication online