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Aligning Outcomes and Planning Assessment

Outcomes are the heart of everything that we do and should exist for every level of functioning in the Division of Student Affairs. Divisional learning outcomes provide a birds-eye perspective of the Division whereas unit-level outcomes provide the guiding vision for each program and service. Individual programs and services have outcomes that shape the design of every activities the students participate in.

Levels of Outcome diagram

In the 2015-2016 Academic Year, all Student Affairs units will be required to align their unit-level outcomes with their programs. This will assist in the planning of conducting assessment that is strategic, efficient, and meaningful.

Outcomes Map

Outcomes maps are one of the best tools for representing the alignment between unit-level outcomes, unit programs and services; as well as aligning between program-level outcomes and specific activities. Download the template below to create your own outcomes map, and examples of outcomes map.

Tools for Outcomes Maps

  • Blank Outcome Map Template (PDF | DOC)

Tools for Assessment Schedule

  • Blank Assessment Schedule (PDF | DOC)

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