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Assessment and Evaluation Overview


To learn more about the history of our assessment efforts, and why a commitment to assessment is important to the success of Student Affairs programs, please view the 2008 Assessment Coalition Meeting presentation slides.

Why We Assess and Evaluate

Every year, the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs gathers information on goals and accomplishments from each unit to assess performance and alignment with the UC San Diego's Strategic Plan. Within the Student Affairs division, we recognize the necessity to engage in outcomes assessment and program evaluation in order to:

  • Improve programs and services
  • Facilitate program growth and development
  • Share knowledge about our students
  • Promote organizational effectiveness
  • Stimulate organizational learning

These activities help us demonstrate our contribution to student success and continuously build better practices to better serve and educate our students.

How We Assess and Evaluate

Assessment begins with a natural curiosity and commitment to student learning. We ask ourselves:

  • "What do we want students to be able to know, do, or value as a result of our services and programs?"
  • "Are we making a difference in the lives of our students?" and
  • "How do we know we are making a difference?"

To learn more about how we conduct assessment, visit our Assessment and Evaluation Toolkit page. Click on the image below to view our process:

Click to download a PDF of the Student Affairs Assessment Map

Assessment v. Evaluation

In Student Affairs, we assess programs by measuring student learning and growth and program / service processes. We evaluate programs by determining whether they achieved identified metrics or standards.

Student Affairs Assessment Philosophy

In conducting assessment, we as a Student Affairs unit:

  • Are committed to assessment for, but not limited by, learning
  • Believe in assessment as an engaged practice, working towards a continuous improvement
  • View assessment as a reflective practice, where we step back from day to day in order to engage the deeper meaning of our work
  • Promote assessment as transparent practice, where we eagerly share findings with the community and hold ourselves accountable for our actions

Contact Student Affairs Assessment & Evaluation:

University Center 112
9500 Gilman Drive #0015
La Jolla, CA 92093-0015