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Goals & Objectives

The office of the Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs announced our strategic plan for the division. The plan guides our efforts and ensures we focus on the most critical areas for current and future students. Using a Collective Impact framework, our plan supports the UC San Diego Strategic Plan and the EDI Strategic Plan to ensure we are actively advancing our core values and are accountable for a student-centered Triton experience.

Goal 1: Student Experience

Recognizing the unique structure of UC San Diego, we will work collaboratively to strengthen the student experience and increase university affinity by being student-centered.

Goal 1: Generate a student-centered transformation to maximize our vibrant and engaging community through partnerships with the colleges and Graduate Division.


1.1 Advance the development and implementation of student-centered spaces and places.

1.2 Cultivate campus pride by reaffirming what it means to be a Triton.

1.3  Actively create and support engagement between students, staff, and faculty.

1.4 Initiate new approaches to student-centered communication to effectively showcase our vibrant programs, experiences, and traditions.

1.5  Engage the colleges and Graduate Division in developing programs and services that are accessible to all students.

1.6  Provide a student experience that prepares all students to address the needs and challenges of a diverse and changing world.

Goal 2: Student Success

We will work diligently to ensure that as students complete their degrees, their time at UC San Diego is complete with high-impact and engaging experiences.

Goal 2: Inspire students to discover meaningful connections, explore their interests, and participate in co-curricular experiences while pursuing their degrees in a timely manner


2.1 Develop a collaborative and integrative holistic approach to enhancing student success.

2.2 Promote resource and knowledge sharing by Student Affairs, Graduate Division, and Academic Affairs to create a more interconnected student experience.

2.3 Leverage innovation, global interactions, Changemaking, and technology to advance student learning beyond the classroom.

2.4 Connect more students to co-curricular activities and hands-on enrichment opportunities, on- and off-campus.

2.5 Collaborate with the undergraduate colleges, Graduate Division, and Teaching + Learning Commons to effectively meet the evolving needs of an increasing on-campus student population.

 2.6 Recognize and harness the collective talents and expertise within Student Affairs to advance institutional priorities including: time to degree, graduation rates, and student success gaps.

Goal 3: Well-being

Well-being and healthy practices are essential to sustained student success. As such, we will work to ensure basic needs are met and resources that promote wellness are utilized.

Goal 3: Cultivate an environment of well-being that empowers our campus community to establish and sustain healthy practices.


3.1 Promote a culture of care on campus, connecting students to appropriate and useful resources.

3.2 Expand student access to basic needs programs and services.

3.3 Reimagine programs and practices to encourage students and staff to live more balanced, active lives.

3.4 Collaborate with UC San Diego Health to effectively meet the evolving needs of an increasing student population.


Goal 4: Inclusion & Equity

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational to the university; without these principles, we are ignoring essential elements of belonging and success. As we engage in our work, we will be equity- and diversity-minded.

Goal 4: Advance an inclusive culture and equitable practices and outcomes.


4.1 Develop, enhance, and encourage active student and staff participation toward an inclusive and interconnected campus community.

4.2 Implement restorative practices to promote healthy dialogue and effectively resolve interpersonal conflict.

4.3 Review existing programs and policies to inform the development and enhancements of new and current initiatives that advance inclusion for underserved student populations inside and outside the classroom.

4.4 Ensure Student Affairs’ programs and services complement and contribute to the university’s strategic plan for inclusive excellence.

4.5 Standardize equitable, inclusive, and fair hiring, training, and compensation practices.

4.6 Collaborate with the Teaching + Learning Commons to advance faculty and educators’ abilities to create equitable and inclusive learning.

Goal 5: Partnership and Community

In order to achieve institutional goals, we will work collaboratively with students, faculty, staff, parents and families, alumni, and the broader local and global community.

Goal 5: Develop, engage, and sustain purposeful and meaningful partnerships that reimagine student centeredness.


5.1 Identify and engage campus partners, students, and faculty to collaborate on student-centered initiatives.

5.2 Identify and invite off-campus partners (local, national, and global) to collaborate on student-centered initiatives.

5.3 Leverage partnerships that reimagine collaboration across departmental lines in order to enhance the student experience, in and out of the classroom.