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Student Affairs Vision and Mission


To empower students to discover and achieve their dreams.


To create an inclusive and collaborative student-centered university that champions student success and well-being in our global society.

Core Values

As student affairs professionals, we strive to live by the same values that we promote to our students.

  • Inclusivity: We value a university in which every individual is affirmed and where we seek to understand, respect and celebrate our diversity as reflected in the UC San Diego Principles of Community.
  • Personal Growth and Engagement: We strive to create a student centered community where co-curricular experiences strengthen and broaden student learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • Well-being: We value a community that encourages a balanced life, healthy choices and an environment that facilitates a sense of belonging for every student.
  • Accountability: We value integrity, open communication, assessment and evaluation that demonstrates the impact of our work.
  • Excellence: We strive to be a division recognized as leaders in the field of student affairs, engaged in scholarship and best practices.

Learn about Student Affairs' strategic planning process and our strategic plan and goal areas.

Collective Impact Practices

Mentoring for All Initiative

UC San Diego is committed to supporting our students in achieving their goals at the university and in their pursuits beyond graduation. Mentors — formal and informal — assist students in their success, connect students with campus resources, and serve to enhance student well-being. This support and engagement is crucial in the university's mission to embrace and epitomize student-centeredness.

Mentoring for All Homepage

Program Goals

The Mentoring for All initiative will:

  • Enhance and elevate the visibility of existing mentor programs on our campus;
  • Implement inclusive and student-centered training programs for both mentors and mentees; and
  • Engage our alumni, donors, staff and faculty in supporting the success of our students through the demonstrated best practice of mentoring.

Collective Impact

The Mentoring for All committee launched during Winter Quarter 2021 as one of the key elements of our university's initiative to erase opportunity gaps via a Collective Impact framework. The committee is dedicated to ensuring that every UC San Diego student who wants a mentor has access to a mentor.

Summer Bridge Program

UC San Diego’s empowering Summer Bridge program welcomes incoming first-generation, low-income, and historically underrepresented students by providing highly personalized connections and opportunities. This six-week, student-centered program works to ensure that each participant experiences a smooth and successful transition from high school to university life.

The Summer Bridge program is delivered by exceptional staff and faculty, and focuses on key social and academic facets of the student experience, including:

  • Acclimating to the academic culture of UC San Diego;
  • Discovering UC San Diego’s robust community of support for all students;
  • Building a strong network of peers and mentors; and
  • Easing the exciting transition from high school to college.

Students participating in this program will be provided continuous support throughout the coming academic year.

Summer Bridge students are able to earn up to 8 units of college credit, while developing academic skills and gaining knowledge, confidence, and a strong sense of belonging within the UC San Diego community.

Participation in this program is fully funded by the university with no cost to student participants.