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Checklist for New Student Affairs Employees

First, review the checklist for all new UCSD employees.

Learn about Student Affairs

Review your welcome packet materials

If you're a career employee, you'll receive a packet from the Vice Chancellor welcoming you to the Student Affairs family.

Learn more about UCSD and its students:

Subscribe to the mailing list for Student Affairs staff

Sign up for the Student Affairs staff mailing list (SASTAFF-L) so you'll receive important event notices, the quarterly staff newsletter, and other information.

Explore professional development opportunities

Advance your career with a special "employee exchange program" and funds for training and development.

Participate in Student Affairs staff events

Don't miss a chance to meet and mingle with the vice chancellor and other Student Affairs colleagues. Be sure to attend all Student Affairs All-Staff Meetings, usually scheduled each fall and spring.


Ask your supervisor or your department's business officer for help getting situated as a new Student Affairs employee. For questions about the contents of this page, contact Stephanie Wong, (858) 534-4380.

Student Affairs Staff