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Student Affairs Departments and Units

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Student Affairs employs over 500 professional staff and 2,400 student employees who provide a multitude of services, resources, and opportunities that enrich the lives of UC San Diego students. We are student-centered.

Many Student Affairs employees are organized into teams, plus the student affairs staff of UC San Diego's six undergraduate colleges. For organization details, see the Student Affairs Organization Chart (PDF).

Learn more about the Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs Office, Student Affairs units, and Student Affairs' close campus partners:

Athletics & Recreation

From the NCAA athlete to the intramural tennis player to the yoga guru — all of these departments (and their state-of-the-art sporting facilities) are part of Student Affairs. To learn more, visit these departments' websites.

Units include:

College Deans of Student Affairs

The College Deans of Student Affairs at UC San Diego's six colleges oversee the administration of student life and student development within the colleges.

Units include the Student Affairs offices at:

Student Health & Well-Being

Student Health & Well-Being provides a range of services that maintain and enhance the physical and emotional health, well-being, and safety of UC San Diego students.

The team is led by Executive Director Karen Calfas. Although Student Health departments are officially part of the UC San Diego Health System, they maintain a strong collaborative relationship and partnership with Student Affairs.

Departments include:

Student Life

Along with student programs originating in the colleges, and in cooperation with UC San Diego's Associated Students and the Graduate Student Association, the Student Life team — led by Assistant Vice Chancellor Patty Mahaffey — is responsible for the scope and quality of student cultural, social, and civic life at UC San Diego.

Student Life units include:

Student Retention & Success

The Student Retention & Success team is led by Assistant Vice Chancellor Jeff Orgera.

Student Retention & Success plays a leadership role in creating programs and services that foster student success and degree completion. The educational opportunities delivered by the SRS team develop the personal, academic, and professional competencies that are critical for successful transition into diverse and global communities.

Student Retention & Success units include:

Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs Office

Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs Office provides policy and management direction for Student Affairs and also directly supervises a number of units, including: