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Student Affairs Diversity Workgroup

Martin Luther King Jr. Parade, January 2014

Who we are

The Student Affairs Diversity Workgroup was created with the goal of community building. Through active involvement of its members, we hope to build on the efforts of the university in providing equality of opportunity for all students.

Diversity Workgroup projects

The Diversity Workgroup, led by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, has begun and continues to develop and build work in the following ways:

  • Solicitation of broad and inclusive membership of staff members from all areas
  • Team development
  • Confirmation of principles and refinement of goals
  • Assessment of current realities
  • Development of priorities and objectives
  • Creation of work groups

Get involved

  • If you're interested in joining the Diversity Workgroup, contact Cynthia Davalos, Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.