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Tableau logoTableau is a data visualization tool that helps make information from data sources (such as databases and spreadsheets) easy to analyze and understand through interactive and visually appealing dashboards. For more information, visit

You can use Tableau in a variety of ways — for tracking, reporting, displaying and/or presenting your information in an interactive and comprehensible way.

To develop data visualizations, consider brainstorming the types of questions you would like to answer and the types of information/ data you have access to. For examples of well-executed data visualizations through Tableau, visit Tableau's Data Viz Gallery.

Gaining access to data

Depending on your VCSA unit, you may have access to various data repositories, including Excel, internal databases, and access to campus Data Warehouse data. Speak to the appropriate person in your unit/AVC area to learn what data is available to you, and how to gain access.

Tableau can connect to most data files, and has the ability to connect different data sources. For more information on connecting to data sources via Tableau, visit Tableau Online Help: Connect to and Prepare Data.

Gaining access to the Tableau tool

All Student Affairs staff members have Active Directory permissions to access the Campus Tableau server with publishing capability (licensed users) or reader/ viewing capability (non-licensed users).

If you were not provided with a license by SATS/VCSA but would like one, speak with the appropriate person in your unit/AVC area to receive funding.

When you are ready to have a Tableau license installed in your office, submit a tech service request (TSR) to Student Affairs Technology Services (SATS).

Log into Tableau and access the server

  1. Visit, then sign in with your UC San Diego SSO username and password
  2. Locate your organization's folder, and click on the folder to view files
  3. Click View to access the Tableau workbook

Tableau tool - screen shots showing how to access the server in 3 steps

Publishing a dashboard

You may publish your work via two servers:

When publishing, please remember to publish within your respective unit folder(s).

Do not publish to the Public folder, unless you want to share your work across and outside of campus.

Publishing to the Tableau server in 4 simple steps:

  1. Click on Server and select Publish Workbook
  2. Type in the Tableau server address ( or and sign in with your UC San Diego SSO username and password
  3. Click Publish
  4. Click View to see your published workbook

Tableau tool - screen shots showing how to publish to the Tableau server in 4 easy steps

Tableau help: Online resources

A wide of variety of resources are available to help you learn how to use and master the software, including:

Tableau help: Campus contacts

In the near future, we hope to connect all Student Affairs Tableau users, to share and collaborate. Please stay tuned!

For questions about Tableau and/or to contribute to our working list of Tableau resources, email UC San Diego Student Affairs Assessment at