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Your Assessment Toolkit

Take advantage of the many assessment resources available to Student Affairs staff.

Assessment Cycle

Assessment is considered a 5-step cycle in Student Affairs. Each part of the cycle takes time and effort and we've provided some resources to help you with this process.

For more information on assessment, consider reading up on the basics, understanding the cycle, and learning about the tools available to you.

Assessment Basics

For a big picture overview of what exactly assessment is, check out some of the information below.

Student Affairs Assessment has compiled resources to help you in your assessment. Please visit the links below to understand more about the cycle:

For information on Baseline, Compliance Assist, and Tableau, please visit their respective pages:

Campus Labs Baseline and Compliance Assist

Baseline is the online platform for conducting surveys and creating rubrics. Baseline also provides assessment advice, training webinars, and other resources to help you design assessment projects for your program or department.

Compliance Assist is an online planning tool to record assessment project details and results, and share them with other staff members.

Request for an account online through the Baseline and Compliance Assist Account Request form. Please allow for up to a week to process your account. You will receive an email confirmation confirming your account creation.

Sign in on the UCSD Baseline log-in page using your username and password.

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