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Getting Started

Reporting Your Results

Compliance Assist is an online planning and reporting tool that helps Student Affairs staff share assessment efforts. Compliance Assist is a useful platform for:
  • Planning assessment activities
  • Documenting student learning
  • Submitting assessment reports
  • Tracking progress on unit priorities
  • Sharing our assessment efforts

Use the Student Affairs Assessment Template within Compliance Assist to easily record your project details and results. The template can also link your assessment projects to divisional and departmental goals and learning outcomes. Below are some resources to help you fill out a Student Affairs Assessment Template

Filling Out Your Report

Step 1: Access Compliance Assist

Log in to Compliance Assist by visiting https://ucsd.campuslabs.com and then clicking on Compliance Assist.

Step 2: Access the Student Affairs project template

  • Click Planning and select My Dashboard from the top navigation bar.

  • Click Assessment Plans.

  • Once you are in the Assessment Plans screen, select your department from the bar on the left by expanding Student Affairs under UCSD.

  • After your department is highlighted, click New Item and select Assessment Template from the drop-down list.

  • Enter the requested project information into the template.

  • To enter text into fields, click Edit. Place your cursor over the information bubble graphic Info bubble graphicto the right of each field for details on what to include in that field.

  • When you've completed entering your information, click Update to save.

Step 3: Uploading attachments

Certain fields include the option to upload a document. These fields say "Sources can be added to this field after this new Assessment Template has been saved."

After clicking Save at the top of the screen, the option to upload files becomes available.

Step 4: Linking your project to Baseline

If you used Baseline to administer the assessment project, you can link to your results in this field.

  • Click Add, and enter your Baseline login information.

  • Search for your Baseline assessment project by title, and click the title when it appears.

  • A box should appear on the right with the same title as your Baseline project. From this box, select the data you would like to add (for example "all project data"), and click Add.

Step 5: Aligning to the VCSA Strategic Goals

To link your assessment project to the goals, objectives, results, and actions of the Student Affairs Strategic Plan:

  • First, click Save.

  • Then click Related from the bar at the top of the screen.

  • Under Items This Assessment Template Supports, select Add.

  • In the screen that opens, click on the words Student Affairs from the bar on the left.

  • All of the goals, objectives, results, and actions of the Strategic Plan should appear. Check the box next to each item that your assessment project supports, and then click Add.

  • When finished, return to the Edit screen and click Save.

Notes on completing a Compliance Assist Report:

Name(s) of Person(s) Responsible for Assessment Project:

  • To enter a name in this field, click the Manage icon.
  • Search for the user, and click the box next to their name.
  • Click Add, then Selected. You can add multiple users if necessary.
  • Click Save and close to return to the Assessment Template screen.

Relationship to Student Affairs Learning Domains:

Type of Assessment:

Assessment Methods:

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