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Collecting and Analyzing Evidence

Collecting Data

There are different ways that assessment can be collected. Baseline is an online tool for creating surveys and rubrics available to Student Affairs units for assessment purposes, free of charge. Through Baseline, you can:

  • Create online Web-based surveys and have instant access to the results.
  • Create mobile device-based surveys and upload results to the Baseline site.
  • Attend webinars on assessment-related topics.

You can customize your assessment project in many ways. Contact the Baseline staff consultant to help you:

  • Design an assessment project with Baseline online resources.
  • Collect data with online surveys or hand-held collection tools.
    • If you use a Web survey, Baseline notifies students and sends them e-mail reminders to complete it.

Survey Resources

Rubric Resources

Analyzing Data

Baseline provides useful tools to analyze your survey and rubric results. In Baseline you can:

  • Input rubric observation results and see how the group performed on each metric
  • Conduct analysis using cross-tabs and filters.
  • Report your results using graphics and charts.